Gear list



Custom API 16x4x2 with 312 preamps
6 channel 1961 Western-Electric all tube console
3 channel 1947 Gates all-tube console
SPL MixDream Active class A/6oV upgraded summing console
Studio wired with Mogami multichannel snakes, Mogami TT patchbay cables, and Mogami and Vovox mic cables
Specialized long instrument-cable-runs by Littlelabs™

Triad-Orbit™ microphone-stands are used exclusively at the studio


(8) EMI TG12411 mic preamp/Eq’s
(2) Neve 1058 Germanium mic preamp/Eq’s (with Gardner Xformers)
(2) Chandler LTD-1 mic pre/Eq’s (Original Neve boards/Carnhills)
(2) Electrodyne 509-L mic preamp/Eq’s from Zappa’s console
(2) Quad-Eight MP227/EQ333 mic preamp/Eq’s
(2) Wally Heider Demedio 312 mic preamps
(1) Sunset Sound Tutti Demedio mic preamp
(8) API 312 mic preamps
(2) Tube-Tech MP1A stereo tube mic preamp
(1) A-Design Ventura mic preamp/parametric EQ
(1) Overstayer MAS 8101 Stereo mic preamp/harmonic exciter
(1) 3 channel 1947 Gates all-tube console/preamp
(1) 6 channel 1961 Western-Electric all-tube console/preamp
(1) Éclair Engineering Evil Twin tube DI
(1) A Design REDDI tube DI
(3) Little Labs PCP instrument DI/distro
(1) Radial JDV instrument DI/distro
(1) Sansamp PSA1



(1) Neve 2254 Stereo Compressor/Limiter (with original Marinair transformers)
(1) Chandler Limited TG1 EMI Abbey Road (Ltd. Edition) stereo/dual-mono limiter (with vintage Marinair transformers)
(1) RockRuepl Comp.One dual-mono tube vari-mu compressor (handwired)
(1) Summit Audio DCL200 stereo tube compressor with Steve Firlotte transformer mod
(1) Tube tech LCA-2B dual-mono tube compressor
(2) Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X (w/Brit mod) mono compressor (matched pair) modified for extended headroom
(2) Inward Connections Brute mono compressor (matched pair)
(1) SSL E Series stereo buss compressor
(1) dbx 160S stereo/dual-mono compressor
(2) Altec 1612A mono compressor
(3) FMR Audio RNC1773 stereo compressor
(1) SPL Transient Designer (4 channel)
(2) dbx 902’s De-Essers


(8) EMI TG12411 inductor Eq’s
(2) Neve 1058 Germanium Eq’s (with Gardner Xformers)
(2) Chandler LTD-1 Eq’s (Original Neve boards/Carnhills Xfmrs)
(1) API 5500 2 channel fully-parametric program mastering equalizer
(1) NTI EQ3 2 channel program mastering equalizer with Air Band
(1) Millennia Media NSEQ2 2 channel tube fully-parametric program mastering equalizer
(2) A Design EM-PEQ Pultec program equalizer
(1) Don Classics 250 (Sontec) Equalizer
(1) 1961 Western-Electric tube Equalizer
(1) Focusrite Red2 2 channel fully-parametric program equalizer
(2) Electrodyne 509-L Eq’s from Zappa’s console
(2) Quad-Eight EQ333 mic Eq’s
(1) A-Design Ventura parametric EQ
(1) Overstayer Saturator NT02A
(1) SPL Vitalizer stereo psychoacoustic equalizer
(1) dbx 120S-dx 2 channel subharmonic synthesizer
(2) dbx 902 2 De-Esser
(1) Aphex 204 2 channel aural exciter


(1) Lexicon 224XL with LARC
(2) Lexicon PCM42
(1) TC Electronic M3000 studio reverb
(1) Master Room CL-121 studio reverb
(1) Hughes SRS surround system
(2) Littlelabs IBP continuous phase adjuster
(1) Aphex 622 2 channel gate


(1) BLUE bottle (vintage Latvian hand-made) large diaphragm tube condenser with 6 capsules:
     Neumann-M9(50’s)Omni/B7(U47)/B0(ELAM251)/B6(C800G)/B4(Perspex Omni)/B8
(2) Korby Kat multi-pattern large diaphragm tube condenser with 4 capsules: U47/U67/ELAM251/C12 (matched pair)
(1) Neumann U47 Fet large diaphragm condenser
(1) AKG C12VR multi-pattern large diaphragm tube condenser
(1) Audio Technica 5040 large diaphragm 4-capsule condenser
(2) Neumann M582 (50’s) w/M58 Omni capsules small diaphragm tube condenser (matched pair)
(2) Neumann KM85 (70’s) small diaphragm condenser (matched pair)
(2) Royer R121 dynamic ribbon (matched pair)
(2) Groove Tubes GT 66 large diaphragm tube condenser (matched pair)
(1) Groove Tubes GT 67 multi-pattern large diaphragm tube condenser
(1) Audio Technica 4047fet large diaphragm condenser
(2) Monheim Omni condenser microphone (matched pair)
(2) AKG C414B XLS large diaphragm condenser (matched pair)
(2) Rode NT2 (modified) large diaphragm condenser
(2) Audix CX111 large diaphragm condenser
(2) Oktava MC012 small diaphragm condenser with Joly mod (matched pair)
(6) Shure SM57
(2) Sennheiser MD421
(2) Shure SM7B
(1) AKG D12E
(1) AKG D112
(1) Shure Beta 52
(1) Audio Technica AE3000 condenser microphone
(1) Sennheiser e602
(2) AKG D119 “Lady Madonna” dynamic microphone (matched pair)
(1) American D22 ribbon microphone
(1) American D40 omni microphone
(1) Crown PZM


Cranesong Avocet surround monitor controller
(2) Yamaha NS10M Studio
(2) Dynaudio Acoustics BM15
(2) Custom BGW 750G power amplifier


1963 Hammond B3 with Leslie 47
1961 Wurlitzer Electric Piano 207a (Ken Rich restored to 201a)
1970 Ampeg SVT (blueline) with matching Ampeg SVT 8X10
1963 Ampeg B15
1969 Fender Bassman with vintage EV’s
1970 Fender super reverb 4X10
1970’s Marshall JMP 100w
2011 Morgan Amplification Princeton reverb
2011 Morgan Amplification AC40
1963 Magnatone M10
2016 Xits AC15
1968 Yamaha TA60 Bass/Guitar amplifier
1961 Elpico AC88 (Sound City Studio 20) tube amp
(3) Littlelabs PCP Instrument distro’s for running up to 9 amplifiers simultaneously
1983 Roland Jupiter 6 with Europa mod
Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
60’s Fender tube reverb tank
More guitar amps, guitars, drums, assortment of pedals (guitar and bass-Zvex, Catalinbread, EHX, Fulltone, Crybaby, Roger Mayer, Dallas Solo, Earthquaker devices, and more!), keyboards…


Avid Pro Tools 12HD with Lavry Blue 4496 AD’s and 4HD 192’s for 32 IN/48 OUT (modified by Mitch Berger with improved analog circuitry) with Mutec Ref10 10M Studio Master Clock with Mutec MC3+ clock distribution
Waves Platinum, (2) UAD2 Octo, Soundtoys, Lexicon PCM, AutoTune, BFD, NI Komplete, Synthogy Vintage
Pianos, Slate Digital, Reason, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Arturia, And more…
Dedicated studio power with MonsterPower stabilizers (AVS2000) and Conditioners (HTPS7000) throughout the
studio with Vovox and ESP audiophile power cords.